Parenting Tips #571-580

parenting tip #576

In the notes this week, the kids make up words for bodily functions, the bank teller knows I’m taking change from my kids and vitamins are becoming the high point of my day.


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Now, the reason you’re here…

Parenting Tip #571

parenting tip #571

Parenting Tip #572

parenting tip #572

No shame in my game.⁣

OK…maybe a little shame.⁣

Parenting Tip #573

parenting tip #575

I know they’re up to something and it will involve spraying carpet cleaner.⁣

Parenting Tip #574

parenting tip #576

Parenting Tip #575

parenting tip #579

I’m not saying that I’m neurotic and constantly worried about awful things happening but… I’m neurotic and constantly worried about awful things happening.⁣

Parenting Tip #576

parenting tip #577

“Happy Prime Day!” – future us

Here’s something funny about this particular note – more than a few followers on Instagram DMed me saying “I pushed on the post a few times until I realized the play arrow is on the box and this isn’t a video.”

Parenting Tip #577

parenting tip #574

“I can’t wait to take my vitamins. They’re sugar coated!” <–things I say to myself. ⁣

A follower asked if those supplements are to help men look more like Burt Reynolds. They’re not but I’d absolutely take vitamins to be more like Burt Reynolds.

Parenting Tip #578

parenting tip #580

How many hours do you get a night? ⁣

Parenting Tip #579

parenting tip #573

In fairness, I’m buying these toys as an investment FOR THEIR FUTURE.⁣

Parenting Tip #580

parenting tip #578

I’m way more productive without the kids around.⁣

Next chore – solving world hunger! I should have it knocked out by dinner.

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