Parenting Note #500

parenting note #500 long

I never imagined after writing that first note that I’d be talking about number 500.

For two specific reasons.

First, the note was a joke and not meant for anything but my own amusement.

Laughter – both mine and others – has been an integral part of my life.

As a kid, I made every attempt to make people laugh.

When I wasn’t making jokes, I was watching people make jokes on TV. Growing up in the boom of comedy clubs, stand-up comedy shows were habitual viewings.

The initial intention for note #1 was to make myself laugh.

I never imagined that making jokes on post-it notes would lead to emails and DMs from total strangers saying things like…

Nice Things People Have Said To Me

The second reason I didn’t think this little project would last is that I have a short attention span. Even for the things I love.

But nine years and 500 notes, later…here we are.

Many things have changed since that first note but one thing has remained constant – every note is written with the purpose of making myself, and now thousands of people on Instagram and Facebook, laugh about life for a couple of minutes.

Finally, I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you for being here for the last nine years, last nine months or last nine days. It doesn’t matter when you found me, I’m just glad you did.

Thank you for sharing my notes with friends and family.

Thank you for helping turn my ideas into books and calendars.

Thank you for the emails and DMs of support.

Thank you for making note #500 possible.

There’s more – MUCH MORE – to come.

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