Parenting Tip #344 – Buying Cherished Memories

Parenting Note #343

The moment after this message was posted to Facebook, I counted on my fingers to ten and checked the comments.

And there it was…

A comment saying I was being insensitive to people with Alzheimer’s.

Ugh. I was ready to get all “RAGE RAGE RAGE I DID NOT RAGE RAGE!” but another reader summed up my feelings without caps lock on.

“You know you can joke about something and understand that the real thing is serious. Most times having humor is the only thing that gets you through.”

Yes. What she said.

But in Caps Lock.

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2 Comments on “Parenting Tip #344 – Buying Cherished Memories”

  1. Since you knew there was a possibility of it being perceived negatively before you posted it, why did you go ahead and post it? It sounds like you were purposely trying to get criticized so you could claim people are too sensitive and feel superior. Seek attention much?

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