UNO Now Makes Playing Cards For Color Blind Kids And That’s Just Awesome

UNO ColorADD playing cards

The card game UNO was a huge part of my childhood. Rainy recesses at school were more tolerable with the colored card game.

Long days working at a summer camp flew by while playing by the rules or with a couple completely made up rules to change things up. As soon as my kids are old enough to understand gameplay, I’m going to kick the crap out of them with Draw 4 and countless Skips.

The card game company recently released a new deck of UNO ColorADD cards that will ensure every child gets to play thousands of rounds of UNO.

The #1 card game on the planet is introducing to the U.S. an internationally recognized color coding system to make gameplay even more universal with the launch of UNO ColorADD – the world’s first color blind friendly card game.

UNO requires being able to see colors to play the game, and the ColorADD color identification system uses symbols to represent different colors allowing players with any form of colorblindness to easily play. Cards are marked with the ColorADD symbols for the traditional UNO colors of Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, but all other rules of classic UNO apply.

The game has hundreds of variations, but this is the first of its kind for the company that’s been entertaining families since 1971. But they feel this goes beyond games and hope it brings more awareness to the issue.

The ColorADD system is already used in public transport stations, hospitals and schools in Portugal and Brazil and has been recognized by the United Nations as one of “54 best practices at world level regarding innovation and accessibilities,” and now it promises to change the way colorblind Americans play cards.

You can buy the UNO ColorADD set today.


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  1. Hello, Chris!

    What a nice article! It’s nice that you actually decided to share this news. A very heart-warming move from the guys behind Uno. Kudos! 🙂


    PS: Please disregard my initial comment. I accidentally hit the submit button!

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