20 ‘Total Dad Moves’ I Haven’t Done Yet — But It’s Only A Matter Of Time

Total Dad Moves

These are total dad moves, and while I haven’t done most, it’s only a matter of time. Because…


It’s f*cking unavoidable. No man wants it to happen, it just happens. Every man with a child morphs into a “dad” and you’re probably saying “yeah, that’s how it works, sh*thead” but I don’t mean like in a natural sense like “creating offspring” I mean every dad becomes the stereotypical dad.

You just wake up one morning and every radio is too loud and the thermostat becomes a hobby and an obsession and your clothes, f*ck it, they’re just covers for your slowly developing dad bod. Every father is guilty of total dad moves but it takes a real man to own up to the moves and an even bigger man to start a Twitter account called Total Dad Moves and tweet out all the dumb sh*t of a paternal nature.

Here are 20 of my favorite total dad moves from @shitdadsdo.





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