Parenting Tip #391 – Seriously, Get Ready For Toilet Humor

toilet humor parenting tip

The fart jokes – and farts – are never ending.

Look, I love a good dad joke and laugh at toilet humor if it’s original and unexpected, but Jesus Christ, enough already.

I know toilet humor is an important developmental stage, but there’s only so much a person can take. And I can usually take a ton of fart jokes.

“Research in children shows that the subject of the humour changes as they develop. In very young children, a game of peek-a-boo is the subject of much amusement. In the preschool years, we see a fascination with jokes about excrement and toilets. Then jokes about social and gender roles come to be funny.”

Social and gender? He must be saving those jokes for his next Netflix special.

I’ve got to teach this kid the comedy rule of three and then that’s it for at least a couple of hours.

I also need to teach him out to fart downwind.


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