Parenting Tip #386 – Keep A ‘To-Do’ List And A ‘Did List’

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I’m always on the hunt for ways to be more productive.

From DIY websites to carrying around pocket notebooks to capture even the oddest ideas, I’m interested in any productivity hack that increases my output and seems to add hours to my day.

To be more productive, and to keep my ADHD under control, I’ve learned to master the daily to-do list. (Not to be confused with my ever-growing “to glue” list.)

You’re probably thinking “how hard could it be to keep a to-do list?”

It’s not hard at all. But finishing everything on the list? THAT’S the tough part.

Here are a few suggestions for your to-do list: 

  1. Write the to-do list the night before. Just before bed. Set it aside. Make it one of the first things you look at in the morning.
  2. The to-do list should have 3-4 tasks at the most, depending on how much is involved with completing each job.
  3. The most critical tasks go at the top. Get those out of the way first when you’re brain is most-alert.
  4. Unless you own your own business, NOTHING WORK-RELATED makes the to-do list. The to-do list should consist mostly of self-improvement tasks.

More important than the to-do list, every parent should consider a “Did List.” This is a slight variation on the kid’s notes I talked about the other day.

The Did List keeps track of all the positive accomplishments throughout the day. The tasks can be kid-related, work focused or just all the little jobs that need to get done in life.

Go over the list at the end of the day and feel free to pat yourself on the back if you kicked ass that day.

If you didn’t get as much accomplished, remember there’s always tomorrow.


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