Finally, Swear Jars For Dads To Hold Enough Money For Your Filthy Mouth

swear jar for dads

I’ve seen a bunch of different swear jars for dads over the years in people’s houses, big-box stores and flea markets.

I hate them all.

All of them.

They’re all crafty and corny like some adorable Mee-Maw hand-painted each one to get her kids to stop cussin’.

Swear jars need to be big and plain and tough to get the money out and made of just glass so you can see all the money collected from the hundreds of times you couldn’t stop the f*cks from flying.

“The Swear Jar is a growler-shaped vessel ready to hold all the coins you deposit for your naughty language. Each jar holds 64 fl oz. of cash and coins.”

This swear jar for dads is just about perfect. And it’s only $19. Use the change in your old curse jar and go buy a yacht with the money left over.

[via Cool Material]


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