Parents, Stop Using These Phrases! They’re Making You Sound Old As Hell

stop using these phrases sound old

The girlfriend makes jokes about a few of the words that casually creep into our conversations.

On the weekends, I run errands.
I keep snacks in the cupboard.
Once, I mentioned my daughter was sick in camp and visited the infirmary.

Yes, these are old ass expressions, adopted after years of being around old ass people.

Guilty as charged.

Fortunately, I don’t feel bad. I’m not alone. Millions of people talk older than their ages, according to

In fact, the editors at put together a list of words to strike from your vocabulary before people think you’re older than your years.

Here’s a quick rundown of phrases and words to stop using in front of your kids, co-workers or strangers.

Phrases To Stop Using

  • Fuddy Duddy
  • Web surfing
  • “How’s Tricks?”
  • Long-distance call
  • VCR or videotape
  • Little black book
  • Wet-blanket
  • “Making whoopee”
  • Rolodex

Making whoopee? I mean look, the fact I use the word cupboard in 2018 is bad, but people still say making whoopee? Obviously, those people no longer have sex.

More Phrases To Stop Using

PopSugar compiled a more current list of words to stop using. Most should have died the day they aired the last “WAAAAZZZUUPP!” commercial.


Stop using raise the roof, tight, chill pill, fo shizzle, peace out, triflin, cool beans and my bad.

So basically, I should just stop talking.

What phrase do you use that you just can’t stop dropping into a normal conversation? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. Going forward…
    At the end of the day…
    It is what it is.
    …sort of…
    …you know…

    Asking a question every sentence? Or mid-sentence? So annoying? Right? (double annoyance)

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