Buy This Official ‘Star Wars’ Landspeeder For Your Little Jedi In Training

star wars landspeeder for kids

Here’s what kids today will never understand. There was a time — we’ll call it the 80s and 90s — where anything you saw in a movie didn’t come to life. How many times did you watch Star Wars and wish Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder to be a real thing? Probably a billion. But it was a movie and not real.

Now toymakers are like “oh, landspeeders are cool, here’s one for $500! Tell your parents, kids!”

From Mashable…

“For 40 years, kids enamored with Luke Skywalker’s beat-up X-34 Landspeeder have had two choices: they could play with a tiny action figure version, or they could sit in a cardboard box and make speeder sound effects.

That has changed with the coolest Star Wars toy for younglings unveiled here at Comic-Con — the first officially licensed kids’ size Star Wars Landspeeder, coming this September from Radio Flyer.”

This Star Wars Landspeeder for kids has a top speed of 5 mph (and 2 mph in reverse) and a single charge will give kids about 5 hours of drive time. That’s fast enough and far enough to make it to Tatooine before dinner. Depending on traffic.

Star Wars Landspeeder Radio Flyer

If you’re the world’s most awesome parent, you can pre-order the kid’s Star Wars Landspeeder on the Radio Flyer website.

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