School Won’t Allow Little Girl To Use Wonder Woman Lunchbox For The Dumbest Reason Ever

Wonder Woman Lunchbox

It’s back to school time and you know what that means — an influx of ridiculous stories involving bonehead school officials! Hooray!

Here’s the first of the new school year involving a little girl and her Wonder Woman lunchbox. Please enjoy this asinine letter that the girl’s parents received from school.

Wonder Woman lunchbox

Wonder Woman and her history of violence are not welcomed in this school! Wonder Woman and her history of being a strong female character are not welcomed here!

Just look at how violent she looks with her awesome hair and the golden lasso that makes people tell the truth. And that awful message to little girls explaining that women can be both BEAUTIFUL and SMART is NOT WELCOME in this institution of homogenization and “one of us” mentality.

We don’t need little girls thinking they can be anything they want to be around here, thank you very much!

Wonder Woman and her violent looks are distracting children from lessons about the Civil War, slavery, the way we wiped out an entire people because we wanted their lands and…

well…she’s too violent!!!

This Wonder Woman lunchbox story hits close to home — not long ago, my son came home with his Superman shirt turned inside out. His teacher made him turn it around because the superhero clothing “encouraged him to play fight” and be aggressive. He’s a 5-year-old boy. I could put him in a Snuggie and the kid would still figure out a way to turn himself into a superhero. “I’M SLUG BRO! BEWARE MY SLUGGISH BEHAVIOR!”

So I just smiled and said “ok” and then let the kid wear superhero shirts for a month because have you seen kids clothing today? EVERYTHING HAS A FUCKING SUPERHERO ON IT!

But seriously, go ahead school officials, and spend more time writing letters home about Wonder Woman lunchboxes. It sure beats teaching children, amma right?!?!

[via The Mary Sue]

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11 Comments on “School Won’t Allow Little Girl To Use Wonder Woman Lunchbox For The Dumbest Reason Ever”

  1. We had a Teacher Appreciation Week theme with superheros last year. We had an artist paint posters with the bodies of superheros and then we added the teacher’s head shots to the top. They were banned by the superintendent, ripped off the walls and thrown in the dumpster for showing too much skin.

    1. WTF is going on?!?!?!!? I mean who are we “protecting” in this scenario? The kids? The same kids who probably see their parents naked every day while getting ready for work??

  2. This is completely asinine. I’m only 26, so I’m not too far removed from my school days. I distinctly remember never having a problem with superhero anything! My friends and I used to play Power Rangers every day at recess. In my school-days the Power Rangers were as violent as you could get outside of Wile E. Coyote. We wore Power Rangers costumes to school for Halloween (before schools banned Halloween), we had Power Rangers t-shirts, lunch boxes, toys, and our teachers would even give us stickers featuring Power Rangers! School administrations have lost their damn minds these days; banning a superhero isn’t going to solve any sort of violence problem the school is facing.

      1. We too have Spirit Day, where the kids can wear orange, brown and black, instead of Hallowe’en costumes.
        The school wants to keep the children’s costumes clean and in good condition for trick or treating later on in the evening (is the school’s reasoning 🙁 Ontario, Canada.

    1. My son’s elementary did not allow costumes the last 2 years in a row. They were worried about the older kids (in a K-5 elementary) SCARING the younger kids with their costumes…even though they were on opposite ends of the school and rarely came in contact with the younger students. Completely asinine.

  3. Too weird. My daughter has WW and Batman shirts. Her school actually has a superhero day where they encourage kids to wear clothes featuring their favorite superheroes.

  4. Are our school administrators teaching insanity as normal and trying to pass it on to the next generation? This kind of stupidity is truly scary, especially when the perpetrators are clearly completely clueless.

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