Parenting Tip #328 – Rain Dance

Rain Dance

Another summer of camp is wrapping up for The Kid. It’s his second straight year, and it’s the best decision the PR and I ever made.

Last night was family night. We didn’t get to experience family night last year since Mother Nature decided to be a royal bitch and rain out the first attempt and two subsequent attempts at hosting all of the families to see just what the kids do in the woods all day.

The Kid has said numerous times that the campers spend hours “building a village” in the area behind the camp buildings. I never pictured the village to look this amazing.

These are makeshift huts, houses, and villages constructed by 7-year-old kids. Kids raised in an urban, wanna-be a big city part of New Jersey. Sure, they got a little guidance from teenage counselors, but this is some next-level Lord of the Flies stuff, and I’m incredibly impressed and who has the conch I want to cry-talk my way through a speech congratulating these kids.

There’s the kid, among his friends, waiting for the nightly meeting to begin. He’s in his happy place. For one night, so was I.


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