8 Kid Photos Parents Should Never Post Online – According To Experts

photos parents should never post online

Some parents share, some parents overshare and some parents are downright intrusive when it comes to the photos they share online that involve their children.

The experts at Parenting magazine compiled a list of the 8 types of photos you should never share online in regard to young children.

The photos parents should never post online include:

Bath time photos

Every kid takes a bath. We don’t need to see that your kid is just like other kids, no matter how funny or adorable the picture seems.

When they’re sick or hurt

If they’re temporarily injured, fine. No serious injuries.

Shaming photos

Shaming your kids on social media doesn’t help in any way.

On the potty

See the bath explanation above.

Private details

Any photos with full names, addresses or phone number visible to strangers and creepers.

Group photos

Unless it’s a massive group (graduation photos, concerts) or a photo in a very public setting (sports), ask permission from the parents of other kids if you can.

Bullying fodder

Don’t post photos that will get your kid made fun of at school.

Unsafe activities

Anything immoral, illegal or just plain dumb.

Most of these are common sense but I still see parents posting pics of their kids on the toilet and in other odd situations.

Ultimately, as a parent, it’s up to you to decide which photos of your kids you decide to post online.  Just remember the possible repercussions for those photos.

And when it doubt, ask your kid if it’s OK. Unless their judgment is just as awful as mom and dad’s.

[via Parenting]

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