Parenting Tip #376 – Sensory Processing Isn’t All In The Head

sensory processing parenting advice #376

I’ve always had a “thing” with clothing. Usually, it’s the fit of certain clothes.

A shirt is too tight around the arms, or the neck hung too low.

The material is itchy. The stitching seams cut like razors.

My closet and drawers filled with clothing I wore only once, never to see the light of day unless in the cases of an extreme emergency like all my other clothes burned in a fire.

It wasn’t until kids came along did I come to realize I wasn’t crazy and these feelings – and many other reactions – had a name and extend far beyond my nut-hugging boxer briefs.

Sensory Processing isn’t just all in my mind.

“In some people, the brain has trouble organizing and responding to information from the senses. Certain sounds, sights, smells, textures and tastes can create a feeling of “sensory overload.” Bright or flickering lights, loud noises, certain textures of food and scratchy clothing are just some of the triggers that can make kids feel overwhelmed and upset.”

I’m easily overwhelmed. If too many things are happening around me, I can’t think. Thoughts refuse to form in my head.

Well, no creative or useful thoughts. The only ideas involve the lawn mower outside my window, the clicking sound coming from the fridge or the song playing that was unnoticeable moments.

Wow, this song sucks. This entire playlist is awful. Who’s iTunes library is this? Oh, right, it’s mine.

(Jams phone down the garbage disposal, sets the kitchen on fire, walks away.) 

So what do you do if your kids display sensory processing issues? The above article is an excellent resource. Here’s the link again if you’re too lazy to scroll up. Here’s a guide to the next steps to take if you think your child does have sensory processing issues.

Most important – be understanding if your kid displays these sensory processing issues. He or she isn’t refusing to wear shirts to be difficult. They’re not hiding at a loud birthday party because they’re anti-social. They’re not refusing to pet the donkey at the farm just because they want to piss you off.

Seriously though, what’s up with that donkey? Is he dying? Don’t let your kid touch him. Just leave. Run! Go! I’ll burn the kitchen down just in case!

Talk to your kids about their reactions to outside stimulation.

And cut out all the tags. Just to be on the safe side.

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