Parenting Tip #371 – Family Night At The Movies

at the movies parenting advice #371

Theater chains want to know what will bring people back to movie theaters.

As a parent, here are some suggestions, to make for a better family night at the movies.

  1. Going to the movies for a family of six shouldn’t cost over $80 just for tickets. With dinner before, popcorn, snacks and drinks, a night at the movies costs more than a car payment.
  2. Make better movies.
  3. Do a better job of removing people who do everything but watch the damn movie.
  4. Let me take a bath in the popcorn butter. I’ll bring my own towel.
  5. Offer smaller versions of items. My kids don’t need drinks that come in barrels.
  6. Tell us what time the movie really starts. The previews start at 6:00 but what time does the MOVIE start. My 5-year-old has a short attention span and a small bladder, I can’t have her sitting in the theater for an extra half hour because Maria Menounos can’t zip her lips.
  7. Seriously, most movies suck. Do better.
  8. Come on, that person brought a newborn! How’s that even allowed?!?!
  9. Do you charge so much per ticket just to afford the A/C bill? Jesus, it’s like a meat locker in here.
  10. Don’t let any other families in. None.

And to make your entire evening much more enjoyable, leave your children at home.

Got any suggestions to make a night at the movies better for families? Leave them in the comments.


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2 Comments on “Parenting Tip #371 – Family Night At The Movies”

  1. Perhaps have a family movie night, popcorn, hot dogs, drink included in the over reasonably priced tickets.

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