Parenting Tip #370 – Remember The Family Evolves

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This seems like a good time to explain the identity of the family and individuals who appear on these notes because it’s probably all getting confusing.

After all, I’m stealing their quotes, questions and life moments for replication on sticky notes. I should properly introduce each person.

The Kid

That’s my son. He’s 8 years old now. Crazy, right? He loves dinosaurs, superheroes, plays the drums, is obsessed with LEGO and he’s really funny. He writes his own jokes and gets upset when I try to make suggestions on how to make them funnier, short or just to make sense.

He’s the reason for all these notes in the first place. He’ll probably never take credit for that fact.

He will, however, absolutely take credit for starting a fight between Luke Skywalker and Captain America.

The Youngest

That’s my daughter. She’s five now. She sometimes appears as “the 5-year-old” on the notes. She’s a “pistol,” according to my mom, for moments like this one. She’s also the kid most likely to appear on Instagram videos with me. I’m positive she’s under the impression that she’s always in the middle of making a video for YouTube, even when no cameras are pointed at her.

The 9-Year-Old

She’s the daughter of my girlfriend. She’s responsible for the note above and many more hilarious moments. She’s witty. She’s kind. She loves sharks. She needs a way better nickname than just her age. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks. I’ve got a year to think of something better.

The Teen

He’s yet to make an appearance on a note. He’s a good kid. He’s funny, thoughtful, and usually in another room playing video games or modifying LEGOs, stripping Hot Wheels of their original paint job and repainting each by hand or politely asking The Kid not to screw with his altered LEGO projects.

The Girlfriend

Smart. Generous. Funny. Talented. I could go on for hours about her and never run out of positive words to write. She’s my person.

The Family of Changes

There’s a reason I’m explaining all this, and it goes beyond names on sticky notes and playing Guess Who with the people in my life.

This time last year, I was moving towards a separation. I was depressed and felt isolated from the world. Just getting out of bed and putting on a face to show the world felt impossible.

Now, we’re an every-other-weekend family of 6 that’s singing Drake in the car or running wild through the aisles of Target.

She’d just finished yelling at her kid for something. The same thing I yelled at one of my kids for doing moments earlier.

She turned to me, half-smiled, and said: “we’ve become that insane family that everyone stares at in stores.”

“I like that,” I smiled back and shuffled off to buy every pack of sticky notes in the store.

I’m gonna need them.

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