Parenting Notes #607-612

parenting note #612

This week, we play catch-up with some notes. This will get slightly confusing, and involve several different years, but here’s the simplest explanation.

I’m currently working on my 2021 daily calendar. At the end of this year, I’m handing over 322 original parenting notes to the publisher.

At the end of 2018, I submitted 322 original parenting notes for the 2020 daily calendar, which is available for preorder now.


From January until now, I’ve slowly released some of those notes on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Last week’s update was the last of the 2020 notes.

That’s my long explanation as to why you’re reading notes about Daylight Savings and Easter in the middle of June.

There still funny, I’m just bad at calendar management.

So please enjoy these notes, my ramblings, and remember to subscribe to my newsletter for occasional updates on everything I’m doing that doesn’t fit on a sticky note like blogs about being happier, planning family road trips and turning off all the clocks in my house.

Now, the notes…

Parenting Note #607

parenting note #607

Parenting Note #608

parenting note #608

Parenting Note #609

parenting note #609

I don’t care about tradition. ⁣

I don’t care if the kids love it.⁣

The mall Easter bunny is weird, creepy and traumatizing for a majority of kids. ⁣

Thank god we take photos to catch the trauma on film.⁣

Parenting Note #610

parenting note #610

I’m not joking. ⁣

I was WAY too excited, both about new underwear and the act of throwing the old pairs away and arranging my drawer. ⁣

Don’t be jealous. ⁣

Parenting Note #611

parenting note #611

Parenting Note #612

parenting note #612

New Year’s resolutions are cliche but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make changes to your life. ⁣

Start small. ⁣

Win today. ⁣

Then win tomorrow. ⁣

The book is blank. You’re the author.⁣

Write a fucking best-seller. ⁣

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