The New Dad Dictionary: The Only Parenting Book He’ll Ever Need

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The best new dad book of the year is the only parenting book he’ll ever really need — The New Dad Dictionary.

So you’re a new dad or are about to become a new dad. Congratulations! But before you pat yourself on the back too wholeheartedly, you probably want to answer some questions:

When your wife says she doesn’t want an episiotomy, do you know what that means?

Do you know how to handle meconium or jaundice? Those are pregnancy terms.

Are you going to be an authoritarian parent or an authoritative parent? A snowplow parent or a helicopter parent? Those are parenting styles.

Are you ready for cluster feedings and cradle cap? How about meconium and jaundice? With The New Dad Dictionary, you no longer have to page through hundreds of parenting books or do exhaustive web searches for the answers.

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions or don’t even know what meconium is, don’t worry. The best new dad book of the year is here to help.

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