This Video Absolutely NAILS Every Mom Freaking Out About Company Coming Over

mom freaking out about company coming over

“Perry, if you haven’t made your bed, it’s too late. Throw it away!”

That line murdered me.

This mom freaking out about company coming over is actually a character named Gayle Waters-Waters and she’s played by the hilarious Chris Fleming. Gayle is a recurring character and has an entire series of videos and Fleming’s videos have over 36 million views.

Not only is this video of a mom freaking out about company coming over hilarious it’s absolutely relatable. Every mom has done this since, well, since moms started working full time and doing a hundred other things in a day besides cleaning the house. Although, I imagine even stay-at-home moms react this way.

And where is dad in all this insanity? Probably hiding under a bed or pretending to do yard work to avoid the panic tornado. I’d like to film a dad version of this video where I just walk from room to room with a leaf blower or power washer.

Mom freaking out about company coming over


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