LEGO Sculptures Cast Amazing Wall Shadows

LEGO sculpture shadows

It is no secret that artists tend to be eccentric by nature. Oftentimes, this eccentricity expands into their actual work.

While paints, clay, and even found objects can all be considered palettes in their own right, there really is no set rule on what, exactly, art materials can be.

To one man, LEGO may seem to be his art supplies on the surface. But in reality, his actual art is, instead, shadow.

John V. Muntean is an artist who sees shadow and light in a way few others could before.

No, he doesn’t use the dark projections that everyday objects give off to convey a sense of foreboding, as comic book and graphic novel artists are wont to do in their own work. Rather, his artwork is the shadow itself…created by an otherwise unimpressive Lego sculpture.

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While LEGO art is certainly nothing new, Muntean’s approach may be the first of its kind.

On his personal YouTube channel, he shows exactly how haphazard Lego pieces can, when blasted with light, project truly amazing images, ranging from a pirate ship (complete with skull and crossbones flag) to a knight on a horse.

This is going to make all of us look at piles of trash and other debris a little more closely in the future, to see if there might be something behind it all when hitting at the right angle with light.

Magic Angle Lego Sculpture : Dragon Butterfly Jet

Lego Knight Mermaid Pirate Ship

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