LEGO Adds Stay-At-Home Dad Minifig Who Moonlights As A Lumberjack

stay-at-home dad minifig LEGO

Yeah, so, this happened…LEGO has a stay-at-home dad minifig now.

“The block company’s Lego City introduced a version of its iconic yellow minifigure at this year’s New York Toy Fair meant to reflect the nation’s roughly 2 million dads who don’t work outside the house.

Sporting blue jeans, red flannel and a beard, the toy could be misconstrued for a Lego lumberjack figure (or perhaps a LEGO guy from Portland) if not paired with a stroller and office-attired mom.”

A flannel shirt and beard…HOW ORIGINAL LEGO! Maybe the flannel shirt is because THAT’S ALL ANY STORE SELLS THESE DAYS and it’s the only thing that fits comfortably because us SAHDs have packed on a couple pounds and the beard is because…ok, same reason.

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Honestly, I’m not offended. I think it’s pretty awesome both as a LEGO fan and SAHD. But if you want to do the dad figure a favor, package him up with a baby figure that naps twice a day and make him impervious to shoving the food his kid doesn’t eat into his own mouth out of habit. Thx.

Lego’s newest figure: A hip-looking stay-at-home dad via USA Today


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