Husband Talking In His Sleep Is Insane

Husband Talking In His Sleep

Is your husband talking in his sleep right now? He’s probably not saying anything as insane as this heavy sleeper and deep thinker.

Imgur user LongTitlesMakeMeHappy is a husband who talks in his sleep. He only knows this because his wife writes down his insane ramblings and texts them to him the next morning.

He posted a collection of texts sent to him from his wife and these might be too funny to be real. If they are real, the guy is having some intense dreams.

Husband Talking In Sleep5

Husband Talking In Sleep 4

Husband Talking In Sleep 3

Husband Talking In Sleep 2

I also talk in my sleep but I say all the things I’m too scared to say when I’m awake. Things like “this jobs blows hot monkey chunks” and “it’s about time I start wearing the pants in this family. Any pants. Just pants in general. Pants is all I’m saying.”



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