Hunter S. Thompson ‘When The Going Gets Weird’ Notebook – Gifts For Dad

Hunter S. Thompson quote

Hunter S. Thompson was a literary force, a voice of a generation, one of the few great gutsy journalists and an absolute lunatic.

It’s hard to imagine Thompson as anything but a writer. It was probably hard for him to imagine himself as anything different either.

That’s why this notebook is perfect for fans of Thompson, writers, and everyone else just too weird to make a career as an accountant or Apple Genius bar grunt.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. ” — Hunter S. Thompson

Going Gets Weird Notebook

Available in either spiral or hardcover, these notebooks are 120 rule lined pages with a document pocket on inside cover. And if you’re accustomed to sucking down pots of coffee while journaling your madness, the image is also available in a coffee mug.


Hunter S. Thompson Notebook

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