How To Turn Your Kid’s Room Into A Mission Control Center


My parents never let me do shit to my room. I had these hand-drawn (not by anyone I knew) and framed New York Giants photos hung around my room that would have been perfect for the home office of a 50-year-old accountant named Stu. Not too cool for a kid.

One day I decided to rip out photos from magazines and tape them to the glass and over the b&w caricatures and when my mom saw them she lost her shit and my black and blue ass feng shui’d with the black and white photos and “GO GIANTS!” I sobbed while taking down the mag rip outs. After I returned home from college, and realized they’d long given up on trying to control my every move, I wallpapered the room in posters and pictures.

Where the hell was I going with all this besides “the shrink’s office for an early afternoon session” OH RIGHT awesome kid’s rooms that aren’t in my house.

Check out this handy son of a bitch and his homemade mission control desk.

My older son recently started school and needed his own desk for doing homework. I wanted to make something nicer than a simple tabletop with legs, and realized that I could also build in a bit of fun for when the homework is finished.

Both my boys and I still had space travel on our minds from our summer trip to Kennedy Space Center. For this desk project, I decided to go with a NASA theme. I researched the Apollo Program as well as NASA’s Mission Control Center, and designed my own console roughly based on those. I say “roughly” because the actual Mission Control does more monitoring than controlling, and isn’t awash in the whiz-bang rocket noises young kids appreciate.

I took great liberties and made more of a “space-themed” play console than an accurate simulator. My goal was simply to provide some extra ideas and sound effects for my two sons to play “Space” together.

NASA vacations AND awesome DIY desks? I’m going to hang a photo of this super dad in my home office. Right over top the framed drawings of me crying over framed drawings of the New York Giants.


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