Hate Your Mother-In-Law? This Song Explains Perfectly Why Most Women Do

hate your mother-in-law

hate your mother-in-law

Hate your mother-in-law? You’re not alone.

And now here come the comments from wives who love their mother-in-law and, fine, good for you but most women hate their mother-in-law for many of the reasons explained in this hilarious video from Laughing Moms.

The ladies teamed up with SheKnows Media to create a music video summing up the stress of hosting in-laws during the holidays. Especially mother-in-laws who can do no fucking wrong. Sampling, or parodying, Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd, the ladies drop truth bombs about mom-in-laws like “gotta clean this place when I’m with you, so you’ll love me” and “I know how he likes his shirts folded, she told me here I’ll show you how.”

The ladies nailed it but also ruined the song for just about every married woman everywhere. Try not to hum this on Thanksgiving this year.

It’s best not to hate your mother-in-law just because it makes things much easier on the family. Just do what your significant other does — hate her in silence.

Hate Your Mother-In-Law? So Do The Laughing Moms

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