12 Awesome Gender Reveal Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Gender Reveal Ideas Best

Gender Reveal Ideas

Looking for some original gender reveal ideas?

These festive ways to tell the world you’re having a boy or girl are pretty damn inventive.

Even if you’ve seen this gender reveal ideas before, they might be worth a second look.

12 Gender Reveal Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Gender Reveal Idea #1: Golf Ball

Don’t worry about shooting a bogey with this ball! Unless you name the kid Bogey.

Simply set up your golf ball on grass or a tee and take a big swing to reveal a vibrant cloud of pink or blue.

If golf isn’t your game, try a gender reveal softball or baseball.

Gender Reveal Idea #2: The Sniper Rifle

Gender Reveal Idea #3: Light Saber Gender Reveal

Blue lightsabers for a boy. Pink lightsabers for a girl. A red lightsaber if you’re having Darth Maul.

Gender Reveal Idea #4: Gender Reveal Piñata

Not just any pinata. A pregnant pinata!

Gender Reveal Idea #5: Gender Reveal Drinks (Pre-Made)

Try these pink and blue drink recipes for a gender reveal – with or without some booze.

Gender Reveal Idea #6: Fizz Tablets

Have guests drop one of these drink tablets into any clear drink to reveal the gender of your baby.

Then everyone chugs!

Whoa! Everyone BUT the mom-to-be.

If you’re not into dropping tablets into drinks at parties, try these straws instead.

Gender Reveal Idea #7: Gender Reveal Cakes

If you’re into the gender reveal cake idea, here are over 50 gender cake recipes to consider.

Happy Baking.

Gender Reveal Idea #8: Balloon Pop

Gender Reveal Idea #9: A Colored Campfire

Looking for a gender party reveal idea for a brisk fall night? Gather the family around a campfire and add colored logs using this simple flame test chemical kit.

Make a small pile of one of the chemicals – red or blue – and wet it with a few drops of flammable alcohol. Igniting the alcohol will burn the chemical and show its characteristic flame color.

If no campfire is available, or no one likes camping, consider a grill.

Gender Reveal Idea #10: Stuffed Cookies

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Baby girl is due in one month and we couldn't be more excited! 💗 Throwback to how I announced the gender with this fun and delicious Gender Reveal Double Chocolate Cookies. This cookie is fabulous as a regular chocolate cookie as well! 🍫Or think how fun it could be for Halloween with orange or red in the middle! #linkinprofile . https://lovetobeinthekitchen.com/2018/04/25/gender-reveal-double-chocolate-cookies/ . #genderrevealcookies #genderrevealideas #itsagirl #36weekspregnant #chocolatecookies #doublechocolatecookies #ontheblog #feedfeed #f52grams #bhgfood #yum #yummy #instayum #instafood #tastemade #thekitchn #food #yahoofood #foodgram #foods4thought #foodblogeats #eeeeeats #lovetobeinthekitchen

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Gender Reveal Idea #11: Colored Silly String

The reveal is even more fun when the parents don’t even know the sex.

Gender Reveal Idea #12: The Giant Dancing Baby

Originality: 10
Creepiness: 10+

Gender Reveal Ideas Gone Very Wrong

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