Funny Family Christmas Cards Will Make Your Season Bright

Earlier this week, I posted the story of Australian politician Andrew Leigh and the most honest family Christmas card ever. The response to the post was overwhelming and as was the call for more funny family Christmas cards. I received countless emails and submissions.

I learned I’ve got some hilarious fans of the website who don’t take their holiday cards seriously AT ALL.

Here were some of my favorite funny family Christmas cards that are not only hilarious but absolutely honest. Life isn’t always picture perfect, as these Christmas cards prove.

One child was excited by the background choice and one was obviously not….

funny family Christmas card #1

When it came to choosing the funny family Christmas card, it was easy to pick a winner

funny family Christmas card #2

Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me four times, you’ll finally get a decent photo

funny family Christmas cards

Once he scaled the wall and made it out to the courtyard, his escape from Alcatraz would be complete

funny family Christmas card #4

“But I don’t want to all wear the same color! I’ve got an image!”

funny family Christmas card #5
Laurie : Ashley Cogswell Photography

Mom wanted to make a funny family Christmas card with dad’s reaction to the news but it’s not nice to take photos after a person faints

funny family Christmas card #6

Why does the baby look so chill in that position?

funny christmas card family #7

A Christmas miracle!

funny christmas card family #7

“Wait, we’re related??!?!”

funny christmas card family #8

“You said we were going to Chuck E. Cheese!”

funny family Christmas card

The family that rocks together….

funny christmas card family #7

Now THIS would be a real silent night…

funny christmas card family #9

There’s a new sheriff in town…

funny christmas card family #9

It was all just a dream

funny christmas card family #11

Anything you can do…

funny family Christmas card 2018

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