Parenting Tip #388 – Focus On The Good

Focus On The Good parenting advice #388

The original joke behind the note above was the demands are so many, I couldn’t think of anything good about being a parent.

Every parent knows that’s bullshit. Sure, the kids drive us insane, but there are millions of moments worth remembering.

Unfortunately, we’re human, and we only remember the awful.

Today, make it a point to focus on the good things about being a parent. Be honest, you don’t really have to think that hard.

If you need a little guidance, check out this article on 10 ways to find the good in life or this piece on how to train your mind to be more positive.

To make sure you focus on the good, in the comments, tell me your favorite thing about being a parent.

Go ahead. I’ll wait. I’ve got all day.

Literally, all day. I cleared my entire calendar waiting for your answer.

No pressure.


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