Elementary School Bans Tag And Hell Yes That’s Stupid

elementary school bans tag

An elementary school in California has banned tag. The principal of Gold Ridge Elementary School sent out a message to parents last Friday to alert them of the changes.

“Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.”

I completely understand schools banning dodgeball. It involves kids throwing balls at one another at close range.

This is tag. Tag. I’m sure it gets rough. You know what else gets rough? Life.

You know what else pushes you down? Life.

You know what else involves survival, speed, thinking on your feet and…

You get the point.

My kid plays tag on the playground after school with a few friends. Friends from other grades. Friends he made playing tag. For the first few months, he was constantly “it” because the other kids were bigger and faster and it frustrated the hell out of the kid.

So what did he do? He kept playing and eventually he learned to outrun kids, dodge hands trying to grab him, duck and cover and a couple other skills.

Here’s an option instead of banning tag — punish the little shitheads who can’t play the game without hurting other people. I don’t remember the last time an NFL player received a penalty for a late hit and the league made the entire team forfeit the next game.

Oh right, it doesn’t work like that, because an entire group shouldn’t be punished for the actions of a few.

But cool, I get it, let’s ban tag. Let’s ban all playground games. Let’s discourage any type of physical activity at recess. Just let the kids stand around in circles, staring at tag games on their smartphones.

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