24 Best Dad Hats Every Father Should Have In His Closet

Best Dad Hats New 2019

Need to cover your head from the sun, the rain or early signs of balding?!? Here are dad hats every father should own.

Every dad needs a go-to hat in his arsenal. A dad hat for going to work, running to the store or just for cover the head when Old Man Winter hits.

Here are some options for dad hats that will complete any look.

Dad Hats For The Weekends

dad hats new

Dunder Mifflin Dad Hat

Dad doesn’t need to work for the best office supply company in Scranton, PA to get one of these sweet Dunder Mifflin dad hats. This hat will leave dad satisfied and smiling. That’s what she said.

‘Made In The 90s’ Dad Hat

Show off your inner 90’s child with this dad hat! The perfect addition to your hat collection and a great way to show your age.

‘Biggie’ Dad Hat

Show some love for The Notorious B.I.G. when you put on this Biggie dad hat. This simple black hat features Biggie’s name and signature crown embroidered on the front, giving it the perfect look for any Biggie Smalls fan.

‘Get Away From Me’ Dad Hat

When pops doesn’t have the heart to say how he really feels, this dad hat does the dirty work.


Rep your channel of choice in this officially licensed dad hat! The vintage-inspired design features a neon embroidered logo and that signature dad hat style.

mickey mouse dad hat

Mickey Mouse Dad Hat

The mouse is in the house! Rock some Disney style wherever you go with this officially licensed Mickey Mouse dad hat.
fuck dad hat

‘Fuck’ Dad Hat

The embroidered "Fuck." will have everyone commenting on this dad hat. Adjustable metal slide for the perfect fit and all-day comfort.
drinking hat dad hat

‘This Is My Drinking Hat’ Dad Hat

While he's getting ready for a wild night by picking the perfect outfit, eating a big dinner or pre-gaming...dad won't forget his drinking hat.
sippin tea funny dad hat

‘Sipping Tea’ Dad Hat

Dad is just over here...sippin' tea.
flamingo dad hat

Flamingo Dad Hat

Available in multiple colors. The hat. Not the flamingo.
Hang Loose Dad Hat

Hang Loose Dad Hat

Hang loose. Because everything will be OK.
1992 Dad Hat

‘1992’ Dad Hat

Celebrate the year dad was actually cool.
mighty ducks dad hat

‘Ducks’ Dad Hat

Help dad to support his favorite fictional hockey team.
All That Dad Hat

‘All That’ Dad Hat

The child of the 90s is now a father.
ghost dad hat

‘Ghost’ Dad Hat

Put the evil on dad's head.
NASA dad hat

NASA Dad Hat

Perfect for the father with his head constantly in the clouds.
retired drug dealer dad hat

‘Retired Drug Dealer’ Dad Hat

The hat that might or might not be true.
Im too old for this dad hat

‘I’m Too Old For This Shit’ Dad Hat

Because the constant look on dad's face isn't enough.
Praying Hands Rosary Dad Hat

‘Praying Hands Rosary’ Dad Hat

Because every dad could use a little help. Available in assorted colors and styles.
finesse dad hat

Finesse Dad Hat

Even if dad doesn't have finesse, he can fake it.
pineapple dad hat

Pineapple Dad Hat

Classic hat with a pineapple logo. Available in multiple colors and styles.
avocado hat

Avocado Dad Hat

Made with 100% cotton. Unmatched comfort and quality.

Trucker Dad Hats

new dad hats trucker

Where To Buy Dad Hats For Sports Fans

  • NFLShop.comNFLShop.com offers a huge selection of NFL gear from top quality brands, all in one convenient place. The website is passionate about our goal of bringing NFL fans across the globe access to their favorite team’s gear.
  • NBAStore.comNBAStore.com offers a huge selection of NBA, WNBA and D-League gear from top quality brands, all in one convenient place.
  • NHLShop.com: Need a dad hat for a hockey freak? This is a one-stop website for NHL fans across the globe to get access to their favorite team’s gear.
  • UFCStore.comShow your support for the UFC and MMA with any of the latest UFC Hats right here at the Official Store of the UFC.
  • MLBShop.com: Dad hat central for MLB gear!

Where To Buy Funny Dad Hats

  • Spencer’s Gifts: Whatever your fashion sense, one thing you should know is that dad hats are in. The best part? You don’t have to have kids to rock one of these hats!
  • Amazon.com: Did you think the biggest shopping website on earth wouldn’t carry dad hats?!?!
  • TheDrop.com: These dad hats are for cool dads only. #truth
  • Huckberry: Dad hats for the outdoor father (or dad who just like to look woodsy).


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