The Best 25 Dad Jokes Of The Year Are Actually the Worst

best dad jokes 2016

YouTube sensations and self-proclaimed “lover of dad jokes” Evan Edinger & Tom Burns released a compilation of the top 25 best dad jokes last year.

At first, we thought the best “dad jokes” might describe the patriarchal version of “Yo Momma so fat…” but they, alas, do not and it totally makes sense why.

“Dad jokes,” rather, describe the corniest, cheesiest jokes that dads for some reason are more likely to tell.

For instance, can’t we all remember hearing this absolutely awful Christmas joke from our dad, grandpa or even uncle?

Q: What do you call Santa’s helpers?
A: Subordinate Clauses

Oh God, that one’s bad.

Other of the top 25 best dad jokes include jokes you can probably just hear your father saying while you’re trying to do literally anything other than listen to a bad dad joke, like homework:

Q: Why are dwarfs so good at math?
A: Because it’s the little things that count.

Or trying to keep up with your friends on Facebook without distraction:

Q: What is Forest Gump’s Facebook password?
A: 1Forest1.

And, really, is there anything worse in this world than a dad trying to tell a dad joke to prove he’s up on current lingo?

Q: Why did the baker rob the bank?
A: He needed the dough.

No dad, just no.

Cringe-worthy, absolutely cringe-worthy. But if you’re a good son or daughter, you at least pretend to laugh. And that’s why the top 25 best dad jokes that are actually the worst are actually the best, because they might not even exist if it weren’t for a dad to say them.

And for that, we thank you, dads everywhere.


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