School Lunches From Other Countries Disgust American Kids

School Lunches

This video of American kids trying school lunches from around the world is hilarious for their reactions but slightly sad because these kids are really missing out on some great food.

A majority of the food in our school cafeterias is dog shit and these kids have grown accustomed to eating dog shit.

Sorry. Fried dog shit.

If kids are even eating school lunches at all. I’m sure more than a few just toss it in the trash and go right for vending machines.

Here’s the menu the kids are trying today:

India – Sambar, sweet kesari, rice, chaas
Sweden – swedish pancakes, hardtack w/ cheese, lingonberry juice, carrot salad
Japan – curry udon, burdock salad, potato croquette, strawberry milk
Cuba – yellow pea soup, taro root, fried plantain, chicken croquette, rice
France – ratatouille, grilled salmon, rice, brie, baguette, fruit yogurt
Kenya – githeri
Afghanistan – high energy biscuit

Check out these kids cafeteria food from around the world.

American Kids Trying School Lunches From Around The World


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