All These Disney Princesses Have A Secret

All the Disney Princesses Makeup

All the Disney princesses in this video have a secret. Every single one of them.



Snow White.

All the Disney princesses are hiding something behind those beautifully made up faces.

Belle is cheating, Jasmine’s family is broke and Snow White had sex with four of the seven.

Kidding. (Not about Snow White)

No, all the Disney princesses in the video have an even DEEPER, DARKER SECRET!!!!

All the Disney princesses…ARE MEN!

Just in this video, not like for real.

In case the guy with the chest hair didn’t clue you in, these are guys are in make-up pretending to beloved Disney characters. The make-up looks great. The tattoos and absolutely unfeminine bodies are disturbing. The reveals are amazing.

I have one major problem though…no love for Rapunzel?!? She’s the best Disney princess of them all!

These are probably my second favorite princesses.

These are my first.


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