Parenting Tip #314 – Accidents Can’t Happen

Accidents With Kids

The word oopsie makes my skin crawl, usually because the oopsie isn’t actually an oopsie.

It’s usually an “OH SHIT!” but the kids don’t curse yet.

Not true – The Kid has said “shit” once or twice and I pretended I didn’t hear it but the third time I asked “what did you just say?” and he replied “ship! I said ship!” and it was a solid recovery even though he wasn’t playing with a ship he was doing homework.

When either kid says oopsie it usually means the house is on fire or my favorite mug is smashed to pieces on the floor. I forbid the use of the word oopsie. I instructed the kids to only say “Dad, I screwed up” or “Someone grab the fire extinguisher!”

No more of this oopsie ship.


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