Sneaky and Crafty Cookie Monster Caught By His Dad

cookie monster kids

Sometimes kids really know how to surprise you by showing off their intelligence at young ages. One sneaky and crafty cookie monster got caught by his dad but you have to respect his intelligence.

When you’re a little tike, you have to use a stool to make sure you reach the knobs on the sink. It’s a way to help you brush your teeth, which is very important from a young age.

However, when that urge for a sweet treat comes along, the brain begins to tick. This little guy decided to use his special stool to access the cookies. From the looks of it, the cookie were then put in the bathroom.

Fortunately for a Redditor named Whitlow14, he was able to detect the suspicious activity by his son. With a little detective work, Whitlow14 was able to discover his son’s secret.

He posted the photographic evidence to the Daddit subreddit and it was instantly a hit with Reddit users. Check out the photo of the sneaky and crafty cookie monster’s setup below.

Sneaky and Crafty Cookie Monster Caught By His Dad


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