This Is The ‘Biggest Parenting Problem Of Our Time’ But You Probably Already Know What It Is

Screenagers Movie

Here was an interesting exchange between myself and a babysitter the other day. We’re on the playground after school, I’m watching my 6-year-old act a fool, and she’s trying to geo-locate a 10-year-old.

The discussion turned to what the kids do when they get home from school. I said my kid usually plays in his room until dinner. Occasionally he’ll veg out in front of TV, and I’m fine with it, since he spent the previous 8 hours in school. She said the 10-year-old sits down with a Kindle and doesn’t look up again until around dinner time. She referred to the amount of time the kid spends staring at the tiny screen as “frightening.”

The babysitter is in college but not yet 21 years old so she’s an older part of this touch screen generation. She spends a normal amount of the time looking at her phone while her kid is playing on the monkey bars. For her to think he spends too much time staring at a screen, well, that’s scary to me. When the generation born with screens is concerned for the next gen, shit is out of control.

This documentary shows how out of control.

Screenagers (official trailer)

Staff at Pixar and Lucasfilm have been treated to a movie screening of a different kind.

The Hollywood film factories requested a viewing of Dr. Delaney Ruston’s movie about the “biggest parenting problem of our time,” how much time kids should be spending with screens.

The documentary shows a kid who’s addicted to video games and a girl who shared a photo of herself in a bra. It also offers solutions to parents’ frustrations, such as what rules to have about when to put the screens away.

The movie, made with Lisa Tabb, an ABC news producer, is called “Screenagers,” and is being shown at New York’s Core Club this week.

Instead of hitting the exhibition trail, the film makers are hoping to encourage corporations to license the movie to promote the message of protecting kids’ mental health.

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