Ryan Reynolds Channels His Inner Deadpool To Unleash Some Of The Funniest Parenting Tweets Ever

Ryan Reynolds GQ

Ryan Reynolds Tweet

Ryan Reynolds has definitely seen a resurgence in his career after the hit film Deadpool. Reynolds took some of Deadpool’s humor and applied it to parenting. The result? Pure Twitter humor that is simply unrivaled.

Deadpool is known to be pretty outrageous and at times super raunchy. However, Reynolds holds back on the raunchiness and substitutes it with a couple of jokes that most of the parents out there probably came up with in taking care of their little ones. A lot of them are pretty creative and shows just why Ryan Reynolds might be one of the hippest and coolest dads in the world.

He and his wife Blake Lively are going through life with their first daughter only to reveal that another baby is on the way, according to EliteDaily.

We’re sure Reynolds has a ton of that golden Deadpool humor that will apply to baby number two as well. In the meantime, you can check out some of the most hilarious tweets that Reynolds has graced his fans with.

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