Redditor Shares An Adorable Election Day Photo

The absolutely adorable Election Day photo below is just a friendly reminder to do your part in the 2016 Presidential Election. A Redditor by the name of¬†3barreto¬†shared a photo of his daughter sporting an “I voted” sticker.

Given her age, we know she most likely didn’t vote however, it’s pretty awesome to see parents getting their kids involved in a way that will probably ease all of the tension and negativity surrounding the 2016 Election.

Whether you’re voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the caption of the photo below is what really matters. I reads, “we did our part.” This insists that they were not a bystander and understands how important it is to cast a vote.

Meanwhile, the little one in the photo just looks happy and carefree. She has no idea how much negativity is surrounding the election or that there are two extreme outcomes that could be a result of this election. Today, her smiling face brings everyone happiness in a time where all your nails may be bitten down to nubs.

Redditor Shares An Adorable Election Day Photo

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