Reddit Users Share Hilarious Baby Meeting Santa Photos

Seeing as the season is here, Reddit users on the Daddit subreddit are now sharing some of their hilarious baby meeting Santa photos. Once a year Santa’s gear themselves up for a whole lot of crying or in some magical instances smiles from ear-to-ear.

We were scrolling through the images when we came across one post from a user by the name of tbear80. The user posted a photo with a baby who looks absolutely terrified of sitting on Jolly Ole Saint Nicholaus’s lap.

There are a couple of more kickers in this photo. While the baby is totally horrified, it looks like Santa is also pretty shaken up and let it be known through his own facial reaction.

The final LOL factor of the photo actually comes from the caption which reads, “Well, since we are doing this. I present, future therapy bills.”

Very funny. We’ve all got some kind of story when it comes to meeting Santa for the first time. Some stories are pleasant while others are pretty horrible.

Do you have any stories or photos from your meeting or your child’s meeting with Santa? Share them in the comments below so we can all have a laugh at each other.

Tis’ the season for laughter no?

Reddit Users Share Hilarious Baby Meeting Santa Photos


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