Playstation Software Update Ruins Dad’s Alone Time

When you have kids it’s pretty hard to get some quality peace and quiet. When you have to schedule alone time it’s difficult but when that alone time is ruined there’s no worse feeling. That’s what happened as a┬áPlaystation software update ruins a dad’s alone time.

Playstation Software Update Ruins Dad’s Alone Time


The photo above was posted to Reddit’s Daddit page by a user named uncleskeleton. The Imgur caption read, “I’ve got about 30 minutes to myself tonight. Goddammit.”

It clearly voices the frustration one dad had as he sat down for 30 minutes of uninterrupted Playstation gaming. However, as systems become more complex, there is always an update that jumps out at the worse possible times.

Looks like this dad isn’t going to get the alone time that he thought he would. Even if you aren’t a dad, it’s pretty safe to say that software updates completely kills the vibe.

We’re more than sure that this dad is the only one to succumb to some sort of distraction that completely ruins any alone time you had planned. If you have some stories of a ruined night of alone time we’d love to hear them.

In the meantime, make sure the kids update the Playstation when they’re done playing. It’s only right.

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