Perfect Dad Response After His Daughter Comes Home For Christmas

What happens when your daughter comes home from college? Well, for Dan Howard, he had the perfect dad response for the series of unfortunate events that happened after his daughter came home from Christmas.

Perfect Dad

“Dan Howard, a father from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, voiced that joy in a wonderfully sarcastic Facebook video that has gone viral among bitter parents all across the world. Once you watch it, you’ll understand why,” according to SomeECards.

The video was indeed filled with an incredible amount of comedic sarcasm. he highlighted moments of his daughter being back home which included baking cookies at 3AM with her friends and leaving the milk out.

Howard seemed to have to remind himself that it was the Christmas season and they loved having his daughter back home. He went through the entire ordeal day-by-day and now seems to have a new problem.

You see, Howard is trying to get find a way to get his daughter to go back to college on time. His final suggestion was an Uber. For all of the dads out there who love their children but find it challenging to have them home from college, this is the perfect video for you.

The video below also makes us wonder if Howard’s daughter is going to think twice about coming home next Christmas. Maybe that was the plan! This man is a genius!

Perfect Dad Response After His Daughter Comes Home For Christmas


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