New Born Flips Off Dad…Accidentally

Sometimes kids just seem to do the funniest things, even if they are a bit offensive. When kids curse what’s an adult’s first reaction? You’d be lying if you said you didn’t laugh or try to record it before reprimanding them. In this instance, a new born flips off his dad, accidentally of course.

This dad helped bring this little guy into the world and this is the thanks he got for it. We’ll laugh at his expense.

This didn’t stop the dad/Daddit Redditor by the name of Shatrick from having a little fun with a priceless photo of it. Luckily, the new born is way too young to start teaching right from wrong, making this a totally hilarious coincidence.

Just brought my son into the world today..he doesn’t seem to like me for it,” read the caption of the hilarious photo.

There is absolutely no telling what your kids are going to do and they are truly bundles of joy so we try to cherish every hilarious moment they create.

Thankfully there are people like us who enjoy the laughter in being a parent and all of the surprises that come with it. Have your kids done anything hilarious lately? Let us know in the comments section. Check out how the new born flips off his dad in the photo below.

New Born Flips Off Dad…Accidentally


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