Are You Ready For Some Football…And A Newborn?!?!

Nathan Stupar Atlanta Falcons

Nathan Stupor Atlanta Falcons

Nathan Stupar is a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons and the father to a newborn baby girl. Each week (or as often as he can), Nathan will discuss his life on and off the field both as a dad and an NFL star. 

It’s important for everyone, no matter the profession, to have a good work/life balance. For some people, it’s hard separating the two and giving both equal time. I’m truly one of the lucky ones, for many reasons. I’m able to manage being a new dad and a professional athlete.

When I’m at work, I’m able to focus on work and when I’m home, I’m focused on my family. Before my baby girl, Mya, came along, my wife Marissa and I honestly didn’t do a whole lot. We watched TV, movies, took walks and just enjoyed each other’s company. Now with a baby, we basically do the same things, the only difference is that the TV is turned down slightly and our eyes are glued on Mya instead of the television. 

As a football player, you have to be able to “flip the switch” as they say, and keep the aggression on the field and out of your home life. When you get on that field you become a different person. When you get off of it, you become a completely new person. I don’t know if some people can’t understand that but that’s what has to happen. I think it’s easy to flip the switch but sometimes you just have that terrible day at work and I bring my emotions home with me because I’m only human. On those rare days when I come home in a rage, Mya easily brings me back to center. It’s a blessing to be a dad, especially to Mya.

The season is here. Monday night football is upon us and I am jacked to start this new season with this incredible team. It’s exciting around here. We play the Eagles this coming Monday and you can’t get a bigger stage during the regular season.

On game days I don’t try to shut out the world. I encourage it. I am a fun loving person who enjoys being with people. So when game day comes I enjoy talking to teammates and other former teammates now on the opposing sideline. I love seeing my wife and baby girl in the stands. There’s nothing more thrilling than having your family in the stands supporting you.

Family is a very important aspect in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. With my Mya in my life now, it’s just another reason for me to try harder to become my best. I want the best for those two. They are always on my mind. Family should always be on your mind. They’re always the most important thing.

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