Mom Applauds Another Parent for Disciplining Her Child

As a parent you sometimes you might get offended if you see a stranger or another parent disciplining your child. However, this mom wasn’t offended at all. In fact, she wrote the stranger a thank you note and cited her reasons for having such a positive attitude towards it.


“Karen Alpert is a mom and the author of a parenting blog called Baby Sideburns,” according to SomeECards.

“On May 24, she wrote a lovely post of the type that parents don’t see too often: one in which she actually thanks, rather than rebukes, a stranger who reprimanded her (Alpert’s, that is) kid at the playground when she was momentarily busy taking care of something else.”

The post read:

So no, I wasn’t there, but does that give you a right to discipline my kiddo? Does that give you the right to talk to him sternly and tell him to knock it off? Does that give you the right to act like you are the person in charge when he is actually MY child?

Ummmm, yes. YES IT DOES.

I didn’t get the chance to say this today, but THANK YOU. Because if my kid is acting like a douchenugget and I’m not around for whatever reason, you have my permission to tell him to knock that shit off. I’m not saying you have the right to touch him in any way or yell at him uncontrollably (only I’m allowed to do that), but please feel free to tell him to stop being a jerkwad if he’s not waiting his turn to do the monkey bars. Or if he’s walking up the slide. Or if he’s throwing wood chips. Or if he’s saying bad words. Or being a bully. Or doing anything that he shouldn’t be doing that’s bothering someone else.”

Alpert was careful in how she praised the stranger citing all of the ways it would have been wrong to discipline someone else’s child. However, not everyone is like Alpert and shares her views, so, what are parents to do in that situation?

The best bet would be to find the parent of the child first. Let us know your thoughts on other parents disciplining your kids.

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