This Little Girl Meeting A ‘Robot’ Shows The Differences Between Kids Then And Now

Little Girl Robot

YouTuber marxj1 shared this adorable video of, I’m assuming, his little daughter Rayna mistaking a broken water heater for a robot. She says hello to her new metal friend, approaches and gives him a hug.

Watch the adorableness unfold….

Rayna’s reaction is a perfect example of life in 2017. First, it’s amazing that Rayna understands the concept of a “robot” and believes a robot would just be wandering the streets. Second, she’s not scared at all of the artificial intelligence. When I was her age, I thought all robots were here to kill humans and take over the planet. Thanks, basic cable!

Third, good for Rayna, accepting someone(thing) much different than her with open arms. The world needs a little more tolerance these days.

And finally, I love that Rayna and her dad were able to share this video and moment with all of us. If this were 1980, there probably wouldn’t be video because cameras weren’t as commonplace and because dad would be too busy crying over the price of replacing his broken water heater.

Robots are ironically cheaper.


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