Kiddopia App Makes Learning Addictively Fun For Young Kids

Unlike some parents, my iPad and phone aren’t overrun with kid’s games and apps. Why? Because buying an app for a young child is always a risky proposition, especially if the game costs money.

First, you just never really know what you’re going to get out of the game. Second, most games seem to hold a child’s attention for a little while. My 4-year-old has laid waste to many a game after just a couple clicks and button pushes.

Then the people from Kiddopia approached me about their new app. At first, I ignored their proposal of testing out the game. Then the Permanent Roommate spent a couple of days away for work, and I needed a distraction to get some stuff done around the house.

“Hey! Want to try a new game on daddy’s phone?” I asked her. She agreed because she only really heard “daddy’s phone” and she’ll do anything involving my phone. I could say “Hey want to pay bills on daddy’s phone?” and she’d agreed immediately.

I downloaded Kiddopia, and within minutes she was hooked, and I don’t mean hooked in a “stare droolingly at YouTube Kids for hours” way. She was browsing around to the different games and areas of the app. Kiddopia has jigsaw puzzles, a memory game, spot the difference, logical reasoning problems and a bunch of other education-based tasks that make learning fun. And not just fun, addictive. But again, the healthy addictive.

Kiddopia even captured my attention for a couple of minutes as the two of us helped wounded animals get their medicine and bandage up their boo-boos.

Kiddopia Learning App

Now, just like everything in life, the app will cost a few shillings, but unlike other games, new content is added monthly. If you’re an active subscriber, the content appears automatically. This means your kid will never get bored with the game because it’s constantly changing.

Kiddopia is free to download and a free trial, but they’re offering a special to readers of my website. Pssst..THAT’S YOU!

The company gave me promo codes for ten lucky winners. The promo codes are worth about $50 each and give lifetime access to the app. So how do you get one of these codes? Paint my house!

No? Ok. How about this — share this post to your personal Facebook page and email me the link at messagewithabottle [@] I’ll choose ten random readers to receive the free Kiddopia code. It’s as simple as that.

Even if you don’t get a code, I highly recommend trying out Kiddopia with your kid. There’s a free trial option so you really have no excuse.


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