Kid Has An Awesome Reaction To A Cool Ford Mustang Cobra

ford mustang kid

There are plenty of dads out there who absolutely love cars and hope that their little guys share the same hobby. This one kid is undoubtedly going to be a car lover as you can tell from his awesome reaction to a cool Ford Mustang Cobra.

A Redditor by the name of pb8393, posted the photo below to the Daddit subreddit. In the photo, a little one seems to be walking around a showroom for Ford vehicles when he comes across a royal blue Mustang Cobra.

From his shocked demeanor, you can tell he is fascinated with the vehicle in front of him. Fathers and sons really have some ultimate bonds and we hope this is one of them.

“Its a rare thing when a father and son can share the same experience,” according to Rick Yune.

“My father and I have seen all 19 Bond films together, two or three times.”

While this isn’t exactly a Bond film, it is a pretty awesome hobby to share. You can check out the awesome reaction photo below and let us know what hobby’s you share with your little one in the comments section.

Kid Has An Awesome Reaction To A Cool Ford Mustang Cobra

Awesome Reaction

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