Introducing The Flash Turkey

Nothing makes you prouder as a dad than being able to share the love of comic book characters with your kids. This father and son duo are such big fans of The Flash, that the little guy actually transformed a turkey into The Flash Turkey.

A redditor by the name of CapMerica posted a photo to the Daddit subreddit and it really all just speaks for itself.

The dad’s caption of the photo read, “My six year old son and I watched a lot of The Flash over the past few months.”

It was easy to see how much that translated to the influence of the beautiful turkey colorway in the photo below. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite sure what the little guy’s message is but from what we can tell, his turkey is The Flash.

This turkey can make speed tornadoes and can travel through time. We can definitely tell you that any turkey would rather be burdened with super powers so that they can save their brethren on Thanksgiving.

Thankfully for all of us who love to devour a turkey on Thanksgiving, that isn’t the case. That being said, we don’t wan this little guy to find out. That would just make us dream crushers.

Our advice to this dad would be to start a turkey-Flash comic book with the little guy. We’re sure he would enjoy that. You can check out the awesome photo below.

Introducing The Flash Turkey


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