The Most Important Rule When Blogging About Your Kids

blogging about kids

I stumbled upon this article recently on Romper. Literally stumbled because I left my open laptop on the dining room floor to charge. I live in an old house, and only four outlets have a hole for that little dick part of the plug at the bottom. Don’t laugh, that’s actually the name electricians use when referring to plugs, it’s “the little dick part.” And the slots are the vaginas. For more helpful electrical tips, check my book “Turning Tech Perverted,” out this Fall from Random House.

Anyway so this article about the rules for posting about parenting on Facebook is pretty solid, and I agree with all the points made. If you’re going to start dad or mom blogging, remember these, except I wouldn’t classify these as rules. If you break any, it’s on you. You live with it. No one takes away your blog or Facebook page. I’d label these suggestions before I called them rules.

I’d like to add an addendum to the series to be tagged onto every rule. I’ve learned this over the past seven years of writing about kids and parenting and all that comes with.


People won’t like how little you share or how you overshare or the photos you take or the comments or the suggestions or anything about your parenting. People will complain, gripe, nitpick, send messages about the language you use and the diapers you buy and the food you feed your kids or sometimes just drop a line to say you’re not funny and you suck.

Ignore them. Do want you want to do. It’s your blog/Facebook page/kid/life. If they don’t like it, tell them to suck the bottom part of the plug.


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  1. My hubby was a stay at home dad to our twin sons back in the 1980’s in Fairbanks, Alaska, but, since he didn’t have a sense of humor to speak of, he was never this funny. Even though one twin has gone to Glory and his ashes are in the cemetery in Kent, WA, and the remaining twin is nearly 43 and somewhat distant, I can still enjoy hilarious parenting stories. We all need good entertainment. As a freelance writer in training, I hope to have my own BLOG, maybe some time after my hip replacement.

    1. I’ve often wondered what stay-at-home dad life would be like in the 70s, 80s and even the 90s. Thanks for the comment, Sherry, and start a blog as soon as possible!

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