Got Any Funny Parenting Advice For Raising Kids? This Time, The Notes Are On You

parenting advice for raising kids submissions

Every parent needs a little help.

Advice on how to do stuff, suggestions on bedtimes, the best parenting websites to read and resources for stay-at-home parents to make the all-day job of raising kids a little easier.

The best way to get help is just to ask.

So I’m asking.

Except I’m looking for help in the form of wisdom. Wisdom gained in the years of raising kids.

I’ve written over 300 notes of funny parenting advice.

Now it’s your turn.

Got Funny Parenting Advice For Raising Kids?

I’m looking for funny notes about your life as a parent. I’m looking for the hilarious things your kids say, the insane thoughts that popped into your head, the parenting mantras that get you through the day, and anything else you want to say about raising kids.

I’ll turn my favorite suggestions into notes – giving you full credit, of course – and a few lucky winners will walk away with a sweet prize pack.


  1. MAKE YOUR OWN: Write your note and post it to your Instagram or Facebook page. Tag my account – @messagewithabottle on both IG and FB – in your photo so I see the note.
  2. LEAVE YOUR SUBMISSION IN THE COMMENTS: Tell me your observations, rant, complaint, mantras and funny parenting advice for raising kids in the comment section of this article.
  3. EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION: Send it to messagewithabottle [@]

If I chose your note or funny parenting advice for raising kids for republishing on the website and social channels, I will send you a prize package that includes my brand new 2019 Parenting Notes calendar and other assorted schwag.

Good luck!

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  1. “Don”t leave meeee 😫😭!!!” Panicked three year old as her twin sister jumps in her invisible car and pretends to drive off.

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